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 If you are interested in fresh seasonal flowers for your event, and are on a tight budget- DIY is your best bet. These will be the growers choice of flowers, but a combination that is well coordinated together. Buckets will include at least 7 bunches of flowers (each at 8-10 stems). Each flower bucket will include filler and focal flowers.

Mixed Color Flowers 100.00
(specified color) as available

Mixed Color Flowers with Foliage 130.00

Greenery only 60.00

Flower Sharing

 A Subscription Service

Check out our Flower Subscription Service here!

flower care


We take great care in providing you the freshest flowers for the longest vase life possible. Proper care on your part is required to maximize vase life. I have included a “cut flower care sheet” in pdf form that you can print out here BestPracticesCutFlowerCare . The care sheet is also provided and reviewed in detail for DIY buckets.

 Featured Product


Years ago, I accidentally stumbled upon an article, introducing me to the Japanese moss balls. It was instant attraction between me and the plant experiments that ensued. The flexibility of the kokedama covers a wide variety of sizes and formats- they can be hung by string, or perched in a decorative dish, and the plant selection is expansive. My most recent love has been forcing bulbs from them. While not extremely difficult, I have developed some technique and tips for longevity to get the most out of your string garden.

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Because life isn’t right without a little creativity, we offer workshops for those that are the adventurous diy’ers, but maybe need a little foundation. These are great for bridal parties, group craft weekends, as well as a holiday get-together! Some workshop examples: Hand-tied bouquet, Floral Centerpiece, Terrarium, Bulb Forcing, Wreath making. Follow us on Facebook to see our up and coming workshops or contact me to set up something for your private group!

see below for custom workshops

custom workshops

I offer custom workshops that can be ordered for a specific
date (ie: wedding, parties, events)

Workshop 1: Crash Course Bouqet Arranging

Workshop 2: Floral Jewelry Workshop

Contact me to arrange a date!

upcoming workshops

Kokedama Workshop

Wreath Workshop

Seasonal Centerpiece Workshop

Terrarium Workshop

locally grown and pesticide free

My philosophy and business model caters to the artisanal, anti-mass market approach to celebrations, festivities, and floral gifts of love. I value my local sources. I support small businesses, my local county, and the US economy, instead of a foreign country. Almost 80% of fresh flowers sold in the United States are not grown in the United States. Shipped in from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Israel- traveling thousands of miles, out of water to reach you. Additionally, the florals are covered in chemical pesticides and fungicides. Imported flowers are often cut a week or more before they arrive in a consumer’s hands. During this time, quality and vase life decline. Locally grown flowers can be cut in the morning and on your dining room table that evening.

Our flowers are grown using natural methods to control pests, encourage soil health, and conserve water.  What is taken from the earth is given back. Where we grow is where we live, our well feeds our flowers and our house. The last thing we want are pesticides and toxins polluting our home, or yours. Local flowers have a tiny footprint- no huge cardboard boxes, toxic ice packs, or planes are needed for you to enjoy your local flowers. Most imported flowers have been bred for stem length and uniformity to fit in a box, losing their natural fragrance in the process. Local flowers are scented just the way nature intended them!  Support small farms by buying local. Speak up and tell your local shops that you want local products.

The ASCFG website has an interactive search tool that can connect you to florists and flower farmers in your area. Check it out at www.ascfg.org

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