Growing up in Pittsburgh, my fondest memories are the weekends and summers I spent at my grandparent’s house, a stone’s throw from the water’s edge of Pymatuning Lake. Every summer, Pap Bob had a garden bigger than the previous year and an orchard that he babied. Growing things was something he loved. My Grandma Rita has always had a love for specialty ornamentals, flowers, and flowering shrubs. Her favorite, rhododendron shrubs are in abundance to this day, the largest having belonged to my great-grandmother.
I now live on this property and want to breathe life back into it the way my grandparents did. Hickory Grove Flower Farm Co was born in an effort to leave behind a fast-paced corporate life of long hours and high stress and build a life that does not need escaped from. I am embracing the conscious shift to slow down and enjoy what is before me. My company name was chosen, as paying homage to Hickory Grove Orchard, which has been a staple to the area during my life. The property parcel at one time belonged to the farm land that the orchard is on. Please do not be misled, we are two separate entities, and are not related.
While most farms in the area are large and sprawled out, floriculture can be done in a much smaller space because it is more intensive. Being the flower farm is young, our footprint is small, but we have big plans for the years to come.

who we are

• Hickory Grove Flower Farm Co is a small-scale floriculture company serving northwestern Pennsylvania. We hope to help build a bigger connection between you and where your flowers come from, while helping to build our community. Growing flowers feeds my soul, and I want to share that with others. The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy others can be because of you.
• Growing many varieties of specialty cut flowers of the highest quality, with a focus on heirloom cultivars, our flowers are available wholesale to florists and event planners, as well as direct to the public through farmer’s markets, flower subscription, and bulk buckets for the DIYers.

who we are not

• At this time, we do not offer design services. We cannot be experts at everything! Due to the time, effort, and coordination that goes into floral design, especially events such as weddings, we feel our clients are better served with our focus on growing flowers. We can happily recommend local florists for your special design needs and statement pieces you seek.

• Please note: Where we grow is our family home and we are not set up for on-farm visitors. All pick-ups are pre-scheduled. If you have any questions, please contact us! Thank you for understanding.

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